Milwaukee welcome Alice In Chains on shortened tour

Returning to Milwaukee on their near-month long summer tour, Alice In Chains spiced up the persistently lacking Rave/Eagles Ballroom lineup. August seems to be a turning point for many indoor venues fighting for talent during the summer months and Alice In Chains helped return the Eagles Ballroom to the powerhouse of rock they are during the fall, winter, and spring months.

The tour far from lacking, Alice In Chains lit up for a crowd of 30-40 somethings. It’s been awhile since the original lineup and roaring days of the 90s, however Alice In Chains has been tried and true in Milwaukee for many years, their classics and new singles welcomed.

A short break after an intense opening three songs lead Alice In Chains to size up the crowd and observe a few posters – responding to one by singing “happy birthday” to a lucky fan. Quickly moving on, Alice In Chains turned back the clock a little to a powerful “Man in the Box”, fans taking up much of the chorus, a change for the relatively laid back crowd.

The band favored the classics that cut deep into their character, but they did bounce between newer takes of Black Gives Way To Blue and the more recent The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

The shortened summer run is far from a full fledged national or world tour, however Alice in Chains could be holding back on one for a future album release. After all 2013 does mark their last studio release…

Setlist: Bleed the Freak – Check My Brain – Again – Man in the Box – Brother – Hollow – Them Bones – Stone – Rooster – Dead Flowers – Got Me Wrong – Sunshine – Jam – Heaven Beside You – Last of My Kind – Down in a Hole – It Ain’t Like That – A Little Bitter – Would? – No Excuses – We Die Young

















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