Milwaukee’s Summerfest heats up with LL Cool J

When you’re not busy as one of the lead actors in a hit TV show, you do what LL Cool J does – go on a tour sprawling North America and abroad in support of a new album. And if that weren’t enough, maybe mix in the “Kings of the Mic” tour with other long awaited artists.

Unfortunately¬†Milwaukee wasn’t lucky enough to be a city graced by the complete lineup of “Kings of the Mic,” rather we enjoyed a slightly more intimate show with LL Cool J and DJ Z-Trip. No one was complaining though. The full house danced the time away to some of the biggest names in hip-hop waiting for LL, sweetening the experience that much further.

“It’s been awhile Milwaukee,” LL Cool J shouted as he rose up behind DJ Z-Trip in orange Adidas sneaks and matching hat.

Checking out the crowd, “A lotta ladies in the house tonight huh,” “hey yo fellas, I said there’s a lotta ladies in the house tonight,” followed by a roar of cheers. “You know my reputation, let’s do some sexy shit.”

Following his every command, LL had the crowd at his fingertips. They did what he did. “There’s a lotta people all up in here, but I see you all!” He had fans dancing, waving their hands in the air, side to side, and screaming. Transitions from playing around into songs and back out again was flawless. Never a dull moment with LL Cool J.

And we can’t forget about the roses. “Hey yo fellas, only if you say so, can I give thee out to the ladies?” holding up roses and tossing them out from time to time.

“And since ya’ll wanna take it back we’re gonna take it real far back, it’s about 1991, maybe 2, car shakin’ and I put this on in the back” transitioning into 1990’s “The Boomin’ System”. Shortly after LL wanted to “fast forward a few years” making it clear he was taking us on a trip through time with his music marking the way.

And quite the trip it was.

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