O.A.R. Rocks Their Sweet Melodies at The Eagles Ballroom

Milwaukee’s deafening crowd of thousands welcomed a long time favorite, O.A.R., to The Eagles Ballroom. Not letting a little snow get in the way of their long planned party night, Milwaukee showed their immense love for O.A.R. rambunctiously transforming the ballroom into friendly dancing-singalong atmosphere. Long known for their catchy and groovy jams O.A.R. was extremely impressed by the energy of the Milwaukee show and really fed on it throughout their 2+ hour set.

Marc Roberge’s signature vocals immediately got everyone going the second he took the stage. Jumping right into some of their best songs, O.A.R. started off with “About Mr. Brown”, jamming though a few others eventually getting to hits like “Love and Memories” and “Hey Girl”.  Casually dancing, singing, and jamming on his guitar, Marc was on the same page as the crowd with his own energy and dance moves. Jerry DePizzo simply blew the crowd away with his frequent saxophone outbursts. Jerry really gave his all, showing through some intense and extremely impressive solos. Richard On was a little less energetic, but nonetheless had some awesome guitar playing to go along with the rest of the band’s spectacular show.

O.A.R. was really tight throughout the entire night, really connecting with each other for some extended songs and solos. The visual show was simply outstanding, but will never be on the same level as the talent these guys have. Singing about friends, love, and just hanging out, O.A.R. always gives you that “feel good” sense and makes their show one of the most enjoyable around. The feel of rock-reggae-jazz music makes for an unforgettable experience.

As the crowd could sense the end of the night was upon them, they promptly started throwing cards at the stage signaling for what is arguable the crowd’s favorite song, “That was a Crazy Game of Poker.” They really wanted it. Even through new hits like “Heaven”, and “Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes”, fans chucked cards up at the stage instantly throwing smiles on O.A.R.’s faces. The second O.A.R. hinted that they were about to break into “Poker”, hundreds of playing cards were tossed into the air creating a very special moment for the O.A.R. and the crowd alike. “What a crowd, what a crowd…Milwaukee rocks.”


About Mr. Brown – Takin’ on the World – City on Down – One Shot – Hold On True – Something Coming Over – The Last Time – Black Rock – Wonderful Day – The Architect – Love and Memories – Shattered – Hey Girl – Night Shift – Heaven – Irish Rose – Gotta Be Wrong – That Was a Crazy Game of Poker

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