OAR spice up Summerfest

For what seems like the past few years, OAR has always been invited back to Summerfest time and time again. But who can blame the crazy fans of Milwaukee? OAR always puts on an unforgettable performance and shows everyone a good time.

OAR seems to be flip flopping between stages in recent years. Last year they played the Miller Lite Oasis and this year, the Harley Davidson Roadhouse. It doesn’t seem to matter who invites them to play their stage or on what day, fans from all around Wisconsin flock to see OAR whenever they’re in town. I talked to a few people up in the very front and they said they had to get there at noon to grab those seats. “Every year a bunch of us get here when the festival opens and we race to the stage for front row.” Ten hours is a long time to wait for a band, but these are the best OAR fans around.

OAR’s 2012 Summer Crush tour was no different than any other year in the sense that thousands of people showed up for the show. The month of June has been a scorcher in Milwaukee so fans have been battling hundred degree weather for the whole week. Thankfully, Summerfest and the Milwaukee County Transit system teamed up and brought in some “cool down” busses for people to come sit in the air conditioning to get out of the blistering heat and humidity. One of these busses was parked near the Harley Davidson stage so fans waiting all day could chill out while they waited to rock out with OAR.

OAR took the stage around 10pm opening with “Night Shift” but was rivaled with some sound issues. We couldn’t hear any of Marc’s vocals, or anything coming out of Jerry DePizzo’s saxophone for most of the first song. Jerry also hung out towards the back of the stage for the first few songs which was kind of odd. After awhile he came out to the front, but I’m just used to him being out and around the stage from the get go.

Some of the sound issues were pertinent throughout the night. Every once in a while certain instruments would cut out and Marc’s vocals were pretty quiet. Sitting up in the Harley Roadhouse the sound was okay at best. But this shouldn’t be OAR’s fault. The sound team at Summerfest should really step up their game.

Also Paul Oakenfold’s sound was so loud that it invaded a lot of OAR’s set. Thumping bass blared over from the neighboring Miller Lite Oasis and it was rather obnoxious throughout most of OAR’s set.

OAR’s set stretched from 10pm-12am and closed out the last Friday of Summerfest. It was a fantastic show as all of OAR’s shows are even though this one was marred by a few sound difficulties and other stages music. I always enjoy myself at OAR’s performances and hope to catch up with them in the future, maybe even this summer still! Check out some photos from the show down below!


Setlist: Night Shift – About Mr. Brown – Dangerous Connection – Shattered – About An Hour Ago – Missing Pieces – The Last Time – Right On Time – Love And Memories – Hey Girl – Untitled – Heaven – War Song – Delicate Few – I Feel Home – Road Outside Columbus – Crazy Game of Poker

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