‘One of those Nights’ with Juicy J, Milwaukee

For awhile, hip-hop has taken the lead in the live music world. In my opinion, rivaled only by country music, hip-hop has taken off so much in the growing and consuming culture of the world, that it has kicked rock to the back seat – something never experienced before. Three 6 Mafia co-founder Juicy J has touted this title with his third studio releaseĀ Stay Trippy, hot off the press and a nationwide tour selling out to some impressive crowds.

What makes me thing hip-hop is taking over? The fans. Juicy J’s Milwaukee Eagles Ballroom visit was one of the most intense we’ve seen for a hip-hop show. Fans’ screams and energy oozed through the walls of the nearly 100 year old historic venue – often heard echoing through the streets of surrounding neighborhoods.

It’s the ones in the front who deserve the most credit; getting there hours early and feeling the pushing force of thousands when things really pick up. You just don’t see this level of commitment at a country show and it seems to be getting harder and harder for rock acts of the same caliber as Juicy J to produce the same results.

Backed only by a DJ and entirely empty stage, fans poured their hearts out when the man took the stage racing through his hits like one big mashed up song. Taunting them by pretending to throw his jacket in the crowed only sent them over the top even more and the emergence of “Smokin’ Rollin'” turned the ballroom once danced on by many of our grandparents, into a slow motion bounce challenging the structural integrity of the building.

It’s shows like this that reaffirm the popularity of a genre so disregarded by the aging population as obscene and untalented. Our generation’s rock is right in front of us.







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