Pelican Cases 1085 Hardback Review

It’s great for traveling photographers to have the ability to thoroughly protect their gear. A photographer’s computer is probably one of the most important tools he or she will use, next to the camera of course, and it should be kept safe with the most reliable gear around.

The Pelican 1085 hardback caught my eye as something that would be a fantastic solution for protecting my computer against the elements and everyday damage. This case is a solidly built plastic foam-lined beast that can handle most anything you can throw at it.

The waterproof seal is an added bonus to this already top of the line case, but I wouldn’t trust it if you plan on throwing your case in the water. I had a chance to test one of these cases out and came across a few pros and cons in the process.

First of all, this case is tough. I could jump up and down on the case without any bowing or experiencing any impact damage. The hard plastic coupled with the heavy duty foam is a great combination for protecting your laptop. Although this case is built with the utmost quality, I came across a troubling defect that is very concerning.

The Pelican case I tested had a very big issue. Even though it passed the test of protecting the gear against impact damage and water damage, it did not pass the drop test. Pelican has a rather large latch that holds this laptop case together, but the second I dropped the case from a few feet in the air, it popped open and whatever would’ve been inside would’ve fallen out and suffered a lot of damage.

This is not the type of quality that I would expect from Pelican given their legendary reputation for gear protection solution. I do, however, like the fact that the foam inside the case is customizable to the fit of your laptop up to 14″ in the 1085 model.

I currently use the 1085 to protect my 13″ MacBook Pro and it holds up just find, with the exception of the lack of drop protection. I would be a little skittish to trust this case to protect my laptop in a fall, but for impact damage and a little water protection, this case does the trick.

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