Periphery blast Milwaukee with ‘Periphery III: Select Difficulty’

In a visit by one of the more progressive rock acts leading the genre, Periphery left a piece of the Periphery III: Select Difficulty in Milwaukee. A city known for its rock and metal roots, Periphery fans lined the halls of the vintage Turner Hall Ballroom for an explosive display of the best Periphery has.

Somewhere in between historic and a hipsters dream, Turner Hall transforms every so often into a metal mecca complete with unimpeded mosh pits and crowd surfing by band members.

A small and weathered venue in comparison to the plush seated theaters and World War 2 era clubs, Periphery’s popular djent style of heavy metal may have shaken a bit of plaster loose from the crumbling ceiling. Periphery III can be summed up as a clear evolution from the Juggernaut pair of albums while retaining the signature soaring melodies that characterized Periphery II.

A dreamscape with a shot of adrenaline – Periphery nails their in concert sound and flow. Periphery III continues the clear/dirty vocal alternations with three screaming chunky guitar riff leads from all sides of the stage. By far, the guitarists are the main attraction. It’s the whole sound that makes Periphery as unique as they, but the climbing and almost endless exploratory melodies lead by guitars that put the roots down.

Off the new album, “Marigold” has quickly risen to the top of the charts and into the setlist for Periphery. The band could have returned to Periphery II for one of my favorites, “Ragnarok”, but instead opted for the hard hitting “Scarlet” and “Luck as a Constant” to start the show. “All New Materials” from Periphery I might have complimented the new material, but was left out.

“Flatline” is another notable newbie to the Periphery setlist from the recent album. To me, this song takes all the best parts of the Periphery style and fuses it into one. Clean vocals, rolling guitars, dirty screams, explosive verses, and is that a little bit of Tool I hear coming in on the bridge to the second half of the song? I like it.

Out of the slew of metal bands working up music with this style, Periphery takes the cake when it comes to cleanliness of performance. There’s no craziness, no masks, nothing out of the ordinary – just a bunch of guys playing some real hard hitting music, seemingly endless with the release of Periphery III.

Setlist: Scarlet – Luck as a Constant – The Way the News Goes… – Marigold – Remain Indoors – The Bad Thing – Flatline – Memento – Make Total Destroy – The Price Is Wrong – Four Lights – Stranger Things – Lune




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