Phil Vassar back in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has become somewhat of a second home to country musician Phil Vassar. Returning time after time to what seems to be one of his favorite places to perform, Phil Vassar has created a special crowd in the Milwaukee area. And those special fans have returned to Phil time after time, fueling this very cozy relationship.

Phil Vassar has played in Milwaukee countless times in the past, and was even featured this year at one of the Midwest’s largest country music festivals, Country USA.

He brings a certain aura to his performances. It doesn’t scream country or pop, though it’s something in between. As talked about when he performed at Country USA, Phil’s style of country music is more universal than others. Almost everyone in this generation has heard many of his songs, the majority of them identifying them as a “lighter” style of country.

The Milwaukee show at The Rave this fall was no different than previous ones. His energy and friendliness was in great supply and he shared some great laughs and smiles with fans, while he performed the music that has marked his career.

Getting up on his piano and toasting to the crowd is almost a tradition at Phil Vassar concerts. He loves to dance around and keep everything moving by never settling down for too long. Sure there are some slower Phil Vassar songs that get the old lighter raised, but most of his music is upbeat and dance-worthy, especially live in person.

The mostly middle aged crowd seemed to have a great time with Phil Vassar and his music. It seemed like everyone had a few drinks in them and was very loose and happy to hear all of Phil’s music.

Fans hear songs like “Baby Rocks”, “My Next 30 Years”, and “Little Red Rodeo” and are instantly brought back to when they first heard the songs. These songs are so timeless and remind fans of times in their lives when they were having a lot of fun, especially for the age group of his fans.

Phil Vassar’s setlist included some classic hits as well as a great deal of cover songs that he’s known to play time after time. Whether it be his own music or other, Phil Vassar brings down the house wherever he may be.

Setlist: Baby Rocks – In A Real Love – Good Ol’ Days – Carlene – Bye Bye – Six-Pack Summer – Stay – Amazing Grace – I’m Alright – Don’t Miss Your Life – My Next 30 Years – Fuck You (Cee Lo Green cover) – That’s When I Love You – Just Another Day In Paradise – Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond cover) – Message in a Bottle – Jesse’s Girl (Rick Springfield cover) – You May Be Right (Billy Joel cover) – Love Is a Beautiful Thing – Last Day Of My Life – Little Red Rodeo – Hot Tube Song (I’ll Take That As A Yes) — Sound of a Million Dreams – For A Little While – Piano Man (Billy Joel cover)

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