Pink melts Milwaukee with ‘The Truth About Love’

It’s been a long time since bold pop singer Pink has been to Milwaukee, but you know it’s time when the tundrafied beer and cheese capital of the country fills one of their largest arenas. A few years and a few albums later, Pink is now taking on a massive worldwide tour in support of her latest, The Truth About Love, experiencing massive success as the stats roll in for the 2013 leg.

Originally scheduled for November 3rd, Pink’s Milwaukee tour date suffered from a two month setback due to issues with vocals. No one was complaining though. We’d all rather see her at her best than experience a sub-par performance. Kudos to her for rescheduling too.

Pink’s ‘The Truth About Love’ tour is no stranger to good press. Raving reviews have rolled in about the zesty tour and they’re well deserved. Opening with a carnival-esqe bash, Pink hid amongst fans in the crowd until she took the stage, or should I say air, with her 2010 chart topping single “Raise Your Glass”. Taking steep dives from atop the stage Pink had the full arena mesmerized in more ways than one.

Her singles are unmistakable – taking radio by storm for the past decade or so. Even if you’re not a Pink fan, chances are you’ve jammed out to one of her many foot tapping bold pop hits in recent months.

The massive act comprised of musicians, dancers, gymnasts, and of course Pink herself was eye popping in it’s own. Top that off with a setlist full of only the best and non-stop sensory overload, Pink might just walk away with one of the best tours of this decade.













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