Powerhouse of blues with Joe Bonamassa

Milwaukee has been graced by many legends over the years; Joe Bonamassa being one of them. Well, he’s not really a legend yet, but he is the modern day face of blues guitar. Like many of his predecessors and fellow musicians Joe Bonamassa is quite the site to see.

Performing for a sold out show at the historic Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Bonamassa awed a respectful crowd. Making his second appearance within the last year has proven to be lucrative to the blues virtuoso, though not surprising as he’s always a top notch performer.

Bonamassa attracts a different breed of fans. There’s the casual blues lovers along with the guitar fanatics. Even a good amount of blues guitarists were there themselves. It’s fantastic to see such talent not going unnoticed.

Here I thought Joe was going to come out on stage with his Les Paul and erupt into a flurry of blues. Not the case. A suprising five song acoustic introduction kicked the show off. Accompanied by a hand drummer and accordion player, Bonamassa gave a toned down preview of what the rest of the show would entail.

His acoustic skills are simply excellent. Blistering solos and complex chords were no match for the seasoned player, though the simplicity of the small acoustic set was quaint.

After his fifth acoustic go, Bonamassa decided to pick up the electric and go all out. It was as if the show started all over again; fans applauding and rising out of their seats to welcome the rest of the band.

“Slow Train”, “Dust Bowl” were great show starters, but “Dislocated Boy” really sealed the deal for me. Switching up guitars for each song was also an entertaining feat with the beauties that he brings on tour.

Joe has quite the talent. He can shred guitar with a tasteful blues/rock mix and he can sing. Putting a new face on blues, Joe plays with the inspiration of down-south and a high level of class.

Many say Joe Bonamass is the future of blues, but he’s already here. He’s made such progress over the past few years and keeps on rising to claim a spot in this very historical genre rooted deep in American culture.

Setlist: Seagull – Jelly Roll – Jockey Full of Bourbon – Athens to Athens – Woke Up Dreaming – Slow Train – Dust Bowl – Dislocated Boy – Midnight Blues – Who’s Been Talking – Django – Mountain Time – Young Man’s Blues – Yonders Wall – Ballad of John Henry – Sloe Gin – Just Got Paid

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