Red Hot Chili Peppers rattle Belle Isle, Orion Music + More

Taking over one of the coveted headlining positions on the second, now annual, Orion Music + More festival, Red Hot Chili Peppers kicked off the weekend rock show.

The 8pm set drew thousands of fans, though, according to die-hard fans, not as many as the previous year’s inaugural weekend.

Flea and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer – who’s now been with the band for a little over four years – took the stage first, Flea walking out at glaring at the crowd in a serious yet hilarious manner. Disappearing for a short intro into “Monarchy of Roses,” Flea and vocalist Anthony Kiedis emerged for an almost bi-polar performance.

Kiedis was more reserved as usual while Flea took it upon himself to suck in all the attention. Hit after hit dominated the first half hour of Chili Peppers’ set. It just didn’t stop. Just when you though you were going to get a breather, some other single or Billboard topper’s riff would flow out of Klinghoffer’s guitar.

Set deep into the stage, the band seemed a little distant, but understandable due to the sheer size of the crowd. Packed in like as tight as possible, there was no way through the massive sea of head. What was missing though? Crowd surfers.

Red Hot Chili Peppers wasted no time getting through their diverse set, but with all these hits who would want to? From song 1 it was a literal cascade from RHCP’s latest to some of their earliest work. A few were dug out from the bottom of the pile, but for the most part it was the big ones.

As for mixing with Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers are not what you’d expect. I see what Metallica is trying to do though. It’s a diverse genred festival – almost a metal and alternative mix – crowned off well with this legendary band.

Setlist: Monarchy of Roses – Dani California – Scar Tissue – Can’t Stop – Look Around – Snow ((Hey Oh))  – The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie – Higher Ground – Hard to Concentrate – Me & My Friends – Under the Bridge – Suck My Kiss – Ethiopia – Californication – By the Way — Around the World – Soul to Squeeze – Give It Away

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