Regrouped and revitalized, Thrice returns to music and Milwaukee

Hiatus or breakup, the last time around it was as if Thrice wouldn’t be returning for good. Fast forward a few years and out of nowhere the heavily melodic alt-rock group hit with To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere and a tour to top it off.

There’s nothing new about bands taking a break or just dissolving into the fold, but for it to happen with Thrice was a surprise. It was a shock to see the exceptionally well-performed and highly popular band go – not break up, but take an indefinite hiatus according to frontman Dustin Kensure. Thrice marked their departure with a farewell tour and the release of a second live compilation album, Anthology.

It didn’t take long for Thrice to regroup and get back at it. A short two and a half years went by until the band teased their 2015 return via performances at a handful of festivals. One thing lead to another, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere was announced leading to a 2016 release and tour.

Quite the comeback, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere is an impressive resurgence of the bands vision of music. The new album plays off their gritty alternative roots, complimenting previous releases, Major/Minor and Beggars. Parts heavy, parts sombre, parts exciting, the Thrice theme remains on point and focused.

A supportive and excited Milwaukee crowed was met with a well crafted setlist comprised of top-tier songs from Thrice’s entire discography. “Hurricane”, the leader of To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, “Silhouette” from The Artist In The Ambulance, and “Of Dust and Nations” of Vheissu lead into a stellar 20 song set, leaving even the most die hard fans satisfied. The ping pong delay theme of “Of Dust And Nations” reverberated throughout the halls, the passion bled through on “Wood and Wire”, and the low somberness of “Daedalus” cemented the often eerie atmosphere changes Thrice can bring to a live experience.

Milwaukee’s Rave/Eagles club has hosted Thrice on many occasion, a staggering nine times, and even on the final stretch of the previous farewell tour.

An artfully crafted album with a well-received return have lightened the blow of the departure of one of the more beloved bands in Thrice’s genre. There’s no indication this is a one-off release or a quick drive-by return to the drawing board so I think we can expect Thrice to stick around for a little while longer.

Setlist: Hurricane – Silhouette – Of Dust and Nations – All the World Is Mad – Black Honey – Backdraft – The Window – The Long Defeat – The Wight – Wood and Wire – Daedalus – Hold Fast Hope – Hoods on Peregrine – Blood on the Sand – Death From Above – Yellow Belly – For Miles – The Artist in the Ambulance – Deadbolt – The Earth Will Shake
















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