Rob Zombie, Megadeth shake thousands

The hard rock world is shaking after the announcement of the co-headlining tour with Rob Zombie and Megadeth featuring special guest, Volbeat, a Danish heavy metal group. These dynamic and highly talented bands forged a perfect match for a solid collaboration of face melting rock for an extensive tour throughout the ‘states.

These mega tours are becoming more and more popular these days due to the visually obvious increase in draw they have from the city their performing in and surrounding areas. Touring together has also alleviated some of the skyrocketing tour costs and increases the potential to draw fans from either band’s fan base to spread their music and talent to listeners that might have never given the time to listen to the others.

This heavy rockin’ tour made one mistake though. They skipped one of the hardest rocking cities in all of the United States; Milwaukee, WI. Instead they stopped on the other side of the state for a show in LaCrosse, WI.

It was very disappointing to see a tour of this caliber and genre miss one of the cities with a massive demand for a great rock show. It might have been the fact that Megadeth and Volbeat stopped on by the Eagles Ballroom for Gigantour (with other guests Motorhead and Lacuna Coil) back in February, but there still would have been a significant draw for Rob Zombie and his extremely thought out and entertaining stage act.

Nonetheless, Zombie, Megadeth and Volbeat threw down a rockin’ show in one of Wisconsin’s smaller cities.

Volbeat was up first, as most special guests usually are, but they rocked like they were ending the night. Volbeat always rocks like there’s no tomorrow. Their charismatic energy and punchy thematic rock songs get the crowd really fired up to start things off. Volbeat is like a cross between a punchy pop band with the grit and grind of a metal band similar to Megadeth.

The Danish rockers kicked off their set with one of their hit songs “A Warrior’s Call” and pummeling through a few other great songs before they were gone from the stage and Megadeth on their way out.

The next 70 minutes was a heavy dose of pure metal for some extremely excited fans and band members alike. Headed by Dave Mustaine, Megadeth rose to fame after Mustaine’s expulsion from Metallica in the early 80’s.

Rising to huge success, Megadeth has become a big player in the metal world and is followed by thousands of hard rocking and loving fans.

Megadeth’s performance was okay at best. Their sound flowed into one big mess of noise and I could barley hear Mustaine’s vocals over the rest of the band. Everything sounded a bit muddy. I could decipher a great performance behind the sound issues, but that doesn’t make up for the overall disappointment in quality.  Guitar solos were a bit choppy coming from Dave, though lead guitarist Chris Broderick was at the top of his game with his intense shredding.

An extensive stage production and intense pyrotechnics and thousands of screaming fans welcomed Rob Zombie as he took the stage in his burning iron giant with green eyes.

Rob’s performance was simply phenomenal, as I expected it to be. Dressed as frightening as possible Rob was as serious as could be as he and the crowd belted and screamed out “Jesus Frankenstein” which was equally as impressive as it was intense. So much was taking place between flames going off and Rob himself jumping around across the stage.

A full set of some heavy and scary hard rock sensations, left fans in awe, especially after Rob Zombie’s closing with Dragula, one of my personal favorites. The sound issues with co-headlining Megadeth aside, I’d say this will be a very successful tour for metal heads around the nation.



Megadeth Setlist: Never Dead – Headcrusher – In My Darkest Hour – Hangar 18 – Trust – She Wolf – Angry Again – Sweating Bullets – Guns, Drugs, & Money – Whose Life – Public Enemy – Symphony – Peace Sells – Holy Wars

Rob Zombie Setlist: Intro – Jesus Frankenstein – Scum of the Earth – Living Dead Girl – More Human – Drum Solo – Never Gonna Stop – Sick Bubble Gun – Demonoid – Mars Need Women – Pussy Liquor – Thunder Kiss – Dragula

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