Rock USA presents Kid Rock as final headliner, Hollywood Undead, Filter

With the first two days of Rock USA being a musical success, the third was expected to top off and exceed the rest. After all isn’t that what a Saturday night festival headliner should do? Yes, and that’s exactly what Kid Rock did to top off and close out Oshkosh’s Rock USA.[photos at bottom]

The three-day festival has been a success in a few ways this year. Loads of great talent, awesome attendance, and great weather. It’s been really hot on a few occasions and the third day before Kid Rock there was some worry when fans could see lightning in the distance, but the festival was spared from what was some much needed precipitation in the Wisconsin area.

As I arrived at the festival on the final day, I was there to check out the Filter meet and greet and of course to photograph their show. There was a good amount of people in the meet and greet and an okay crowd for Filter’s 4:30 set. Richard Patrick (vocals) casually took the stage after what might have been a few quick drinks and jumped right in to “Welcome To The Fold”. Filter sounded very good, especially with Patrick’s very original vocals. Patrick also joke about how hot it was outside. “It’s hot as balls out here, it’s like Satan came up from Hell and dropped his hot sweaty balls here…it’s hot!” And Richard Patrick was exactly right. The 90 degree day was a scorcher.

“No Love” was when Richard Patrick decided to come down off the stage and join the slowly growing crowd. He ran out and got the crowd to throw up their fists in support and exclaimed “I’m comin’ down here to join the lawn chair activities!” For the most part Filter’s performance was pretty chill and the crowd gradually grew larger as they recognized some of their hits from the 90’s.

I think there would’ve been a larger more energetic crow for Filter if Rock USA would have kicked off the VIP lunch at the same time as Filter’s set. People want to flock to get their food and tend not to pay attention to the ongoing concert taking place at the same time. This is something that needs to be changed and is very rude to the act on stage.

Hanging out with Hollywood Undead during their meet and greet was a real treat. These guys are so laid back and extremely fun to be around. Drinks in hand, they posed for a few pictures and signed a few things on the meet and greet table. Smiles and laughs were prominent throughout the swift meet and greet and fans walked away with a picture from an exiting band.

Their performance was equally as exciting as the meet and greet. illuminoise caught up with Hollywood Undead at Summerfest this year as well so I knew what to expect from them. Opening hard with “Undead” is always an awesome sight. “Undead” is the perfect song to get crowds going. Hollywood Undead’s set was pretty good, but slowed down a bit and lost steam with some of the fans later in the set.

Seether also performed alongside Filter and Hollywood Undead. Through a dimly lit stage and and crisp crunchy songs, Seether rocked their way through some awesome hits as we prepared for Kid Rock. Seether was good, but I wasn’t sure how many fans could see them perform as there were no flood lights on any of the artists.

Shortly after, the moment Rock USA was waiting for was begun with white sheet quickly dropping over the stage and Kid Rock’s silhouette appearing with a hat and his arm stretched out. A few lines into the first song and at the drop of a hat the sheet was torn down and the lights went up illuminating Kid Rock and his extravagant band.

Rock, in only suspenders with Hank Williams Jr. art strewn across it had all eyes on him. A mix of rock, country, funk, and rap dominated the 11pm set and the fans loved it. But really, who wouldn’t? Kid Rock is an entertainer of the highest caliber, his lyrics meaningful and his flow unmistakable. Even though Kid Rock had a slow start to his career, he’s now on top of the world and with a performance like his, he deserves it.

He casually slipped things about Wisconsin into his songs and related to the crowd as best he could. He is from Michigan after all, and Wisconsin is very similar minus the cheese and Favre. Reminiscing about growing up with those summer nights in Michigan hit home with a lot of Wisconsinites who enjoy the same fun in our own north woods.

With Rock USA getting better and better every year, who knows what they could come up with next. Next year’s 2.5 million dollar budget should prove to be helpful in bringing the best talent in the music industry. Hopefuls of illuminoise include Van Halen, Eagles, Aerosmith, and U2.

Filter Setlist: Welcome To The Fold – The Take – No Love – Jurassitol – Trip Like I Do – Take A Picture – Dose – Soldiers of Misfortune – The Best Things – Hey Man Nice Shot

Hollywood Undead Setlist: Undead – Tendencies – Been To Hell – Lights Out – Sell Your Soul – City – Mother Murder – Comin In Hot – My Town – Paradise Lost – Bullet – Young – Everywhere I Go – Hear Me Now

Seether Setlist: Im The One – Gasoline – Needles – Fine Again – Broken – No Resolution – Tonight – Country Song – Rise Above This – Fake it – Remedy


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