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Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks impress Milwaukee

Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks’ Heart and Soul tour rolled through Milwaukee early in the week and impressed with classics from the 70’s and 80’s. The co-headlining tour grappled the attention of thousands in the the Milwaukee area, with attendance being impressive for a Monday night.

Fans slowly trickled in up until the ten minutes leading up to Stevie Nicks’ show. Fans frantically trying to find their seats as the lights went down were not to the delight of people who could make it on time, but eventually everyone settled in.

Smash hit “Stand Back” was played early on in her show; flaunting through the famous tune with the assistance of her famous cape. She ended the song with a comment on how “this is the original cape from ‘Stand Back’ in 1983.”

The energy that reverberated through the crowd was fairly surprising as many in attendance were middle to upper aged. Most of the small talk was cut out of Stevie’s show as she raced through a barrage of songs, but she stopped for a few minutes to talk about her experiences at Walter Reed hospital and the subsequent song that came out of a few visits to the hospital for United States soldiers injured in battle. “Soldier’s Angel” put the hair up on the back of more than a few people’s necks with its chilling chorus and tear jerking lyrics.

But what would a Stevie Nicks show be without some of the music that brought her career even further into the spotlight. A thumping drum and teaser guitar intro would eventually lead into Stevie’s widely popular song “Edge of Seventeen” (White-Winged Dove).

Taunting the crowd by blowing a few kisses and air guitaring a few notes, Stevie belted out her set without a worry in the world. Her voice is pretty healthy for the years she’s been making music with the exception of some of the songs being played an octave lower than their recorded versions. But hey, those high notes get harder and harder to hit as life goes on.

Coming back for a single song encore was to the delight of the rambunctious crowd, especially for Stevie and Fleetwood Mac’s single “Landslide.” Sung mostly by herself with the help of only a few light instruments, Stevie proved she’s just as talented as she once was and can still send chills through her fans with the music that they grew up with.

Shortly after Stevie’s talented but slightly less entertaining set, Rod Stewart paraded out onto the Milwaukee stage in his yellow suit coat and flashy red tie backed by a highly talented and charismatic band.

After the first few songs Rod took a break exclaiming “what a beautiful crowd” [this was]  as he waved and shook a few hands of some lucky fans up front. Even though Rod was super energetic throughout his set he stopped 7 songs in and, with a large smile, said “let me catch my breath, I’m not as young as I used to be!” Bursting out in laughter, most of the crowd could probably relate.

Following up with “Rhythm of my Heart” after dedicating it to war veterans and freedom, Rod showed his support to troops everywhere, similar to Stevie Nicks.

Supported by a full band and group of six women possessing extremely talented vocals with a few adding to the mix with saxophone, trumpet, and violin skills created almost a sensory overload when Rod and the six sang back and forth to each other on stage. “This is all real music, no ones miming, it’s all real good stuff!” And Rod was right, you could tell it was all him, and he sounded fantastic. Of course he’s aged a bit, but he is better than ever.

Showing a few photos of his family and young son was a great intro to another hit, “Forever Young,” a song which he dedicated to his 3 daughters and 4 sons. Echoing throughout the Bradley Center, Rod Stewart showed off his “entertainer” style and pleased even me, having not grown up with his music.

I, and most of the Bradley Center, was brought back at the amount of energy and drive Rod Stewart had on stage. He powered through some of his best and most famous songs with little effort and his voice never slipped up once during the generously long set.


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