Social Distortion help top first week of Summerfest

Finally some decent rock at Summerfest. If it’s not the usual washed up 90’s act with one or two hit songs it’s something electronic or along the lines of classic 80s rock. There’s really no decent alternative, soft rock, or punk rock to be found. But this year, that’s changed with Social Distortion’s killer show and Bad Religion still scheduled for the final day.

It’s not even that often you come by these highly praised bands either. Think Green Day who’ve been absent for touring for quite some time, and I can’t remember the last time Social Distortion has been around.

It’s a treat, really, to have this almost vintage kind of music that rooted the styles of punk back in the late 70’s. These guys have just as many merit badges as the classic rock superstars of the same era. And quite often they’ve left their mark on cities with some insane fans.

But, people just don’t party like they used to – maybe they’re not allowed to. Concert safety is a big concern now and fans can’t fly off the handle at a punk show like in the 90’s. That won’t stop any decent band though.

Social Distortion praised Milwaukee whether it was a 4 year old or 40 year old cheering. “Thank you very much for having Social D play Summerfest.” Mike Ness is one of the more genuine rockers I’ve come across. I just really enjoy the warmth and niche aspect bands like Social Distortion bring to their shows.

So Far Away – Bad Luck – Through These Eyes – Story of My Life – Hour of Darkness – Machine Gun Blues – Cold Feelings – When She Begins – Crown of Thorns – Sweet & Lowdown – Ball & Chain – Misery Loves Company – Reach for the Sky – It Coulda Been Me – Superbad – Winners & Losers – Ring of Fire

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