ThinkTank Speed Racer v2.0 Review

If you’ve read any of the gear reviews on this site, or the old site, you’ve probably noticed we’ve reviewed a few pieces of ThinkTank photo gear. Well, that’s because we like them, a lot. ThinkTank isn’t just another photo bag company that churns out mediocre merchandise that compares to everything else. They produce top notch, […]

ThinkTank StreetWalker HardDrive Photo Backpack Review

Backpacks are usually not my first choice for carrying my gear around, and for good reason. There is really no fast way to access my camera and lenses. As a concert photographer I need my gear easily accessible in tight spaces at all times. There is no throwing down my backpack on the floor, unzipping, […]

Blackrapid RS Camera Sling System Review

A strap is one of the most important pieces of equipment a photographer can have. It’s what separates our multi-thousand dollar camera systems from our side and the ground. Just think of how painful it would be to hear your prizes camera body and high end glass hit the ground because of that stock strap […]

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