Joe Bonamassa shreds the Riverside Theater

Blues-rock guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa lit up Milwaukee’s historic Riverside Theater for a late spring show, shredding a blues/rock medley solidifying him as one of the genre’s present and future staples.

Incubus Rocks Sold Out Riverside Theater

Emerging from their brief hiatus, releasing the follow up to 2006’s Light Grenades, and embarking on a world tour, Incubus has finally found their way out of hiding and back onto the music scene. Although their short hiatus was a friendly break from the chaos of the music industry, Incubus fans around the world were beyond […]

NERO drops by the Riverside Theater

Dropping by for the conclusion of the holiday weekend, NERO made a rather surprising appearance at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee. Known primarily for it’s rather relaxed and historic feel, with the occasional rock show, the Riverside hosted the dubstep/dance/electronic sensation for a long night of bass-hungry fans.

An Evening with The Smashing Pumpkins

The signature sound of Billy Corgan filled Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater for The Smashing Pumpkins current tour of the US and Europe. Although the original lineup of the SP is long gone, Corgan still knows how to put on quite a show with the rest of the (quite talented) band. Breaking out hits like Geek USA […]

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