Imagine Dragons ignite Milwaukee

Selling out venues left and right, Imagine Dragons have taken off with full force in the past few months. Backed by their six month old full length album Nigh Visions and brand new EP, The Archive, they’ve had an exuberant response to any city they put their name on.

The Archive EP – Imagine Dragons

If you’ve never heard of Imagine Dragons you will very soon. This not so small Vegas band has taken off in the past few months like you wouldn’t believe. And with only one LP and an EP under with belt! From the time illuminoise shot them at Rock The Green in September of last year until now, they’ve […]

Rock The Green returns for a greener, brighter second year

Rock the Green, the now annual fall green music festival, showed it was doing its part to help progress the idea of near-zero waste lifestyle practices for a second consecutive year. The near-zero waste music festival had a slow and gloomy start in 2011, but its second year has proven to be the charm.

The Fray Serenades Rock the Green

The Midwest’s Near-Zero Waste Music Festival, Rock the Green, set off on a venture to educate the Milwaukee area about their carbon footprint and sustainability issues that might arise in the future. By combing an educational experience on the importance of reducing waste and recycling with music, Rock the Green was able to appeal to […]

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