All Time Low stir up a sold-out show at The Eagles Ballroom

The Spring Fever tour featuring All Time Low and Pierce The Veil rolled into Milwaukee for their sold-out Eagles Ballroom show over the weekend.

Jim James’ spiritual performance awes a spectacular audience

Milwaukee has had a long standing relationship with alternative rock. It’s embedded in our roots. And with historic venues like The Pabst, Riverside, and Turner Hall, it’s not difficult to catch a indie-pop or experimental rock show on any night of the week.

Garbage trashes the Eagles Ballroom

Being absent from Milwaukee for nearly eight years had left Milwaukee fans wondering if Garbage would ever make it back. But when the final dates of their year long Not Your Kind of People tour had been released, revealing that the iconic alternative band would be ending the tour in Milwaukee and Madison, our eyes got a […]

A night of blistering guitar hits with Eric Johnson

Guitar virtuoso Eric Johnson is back on tour and at it again. Though having not released a new studio album since 2010’s Up Close, Johnson wasn’t short on hits built up since the early 80’s.

Madison rattled by Shinedown, Three Days Grace, & P.O.D.

The increasing popularity of double headliner tours has been generating some interesting parings over the past few years. Touring costs have gone up and the record industry isn’t what it once was, so artists have to improvise. Double headliners can be tricky though. Put the wrong act before the other and you’ll have fans leaving […]

Stone Sour fire up a frosty Milwaukee

There’s nothing like a heavy double headliner to warm up an icy Milwaukee winter. Up until now it has been pretty mild, and I say that for the weather and live shows in the area, but that all changed when Corey Taylor and the rest of the seasoned rock veterans of Stone Sour had something […]

Music From Another Dimension – Aerosmith

Yet again we are graced by another installment from one of the most influential rock bands ever. Aerosmith putting out a new album may surprise some, but to others they may sigh thinking they’re just trying to reignite their run from the 80’s. You’ll be happy to know that the latter couldn’t be more wrong; Music From Another […]

Firestorm of Blues with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Milwaukee

The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisc. has become home to certain styles of music in the many years it has been in business. Blues is no exception to this with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band bringing a new mix of blues, country, and rock to the historic stage of The Pabst.

All these years, Red Hot Chili Peppers still rockin’

Time really does fly when you spend the years rockin’ out and having fun with friends. It’s been awhile since 1983, the start of one of the increasingly iconic alternative-funk-rock bands of our time. Literally everyone knows of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and much of the pure joy and energy that has arisen from […]

Atlas – Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive has kept a pretty good track record when it comes to releasing new music. They also have a great history of sticking together with one another and staying a band for more than 1 album. Bands breaking up in the metal core industry is an everyday occurrence and these guys somehow keep it […]

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