Tech N9ne’s ‘Independent Powerhouse’ rips apart Milwaukee

“This is Tech, Tech N9ne!”

There’s no need for an introduction when Tech N9ne hits the streets of the Midwest, especially in Milwaukee. Tour after tour, Tech N9ne and his crew return to capital of insane fans for an unforgettable experience.

Fresh off last year’s massive tour that found it’s way through town in early summer, Tech just had the urge to get back on tour as explained in our interview. I get the impression that Tech has a special place in his heart for the Eagles Ballroom and the fans that fill it.

“This is why we keep comin’ back to Milwaukee, because you keep showin’ us so much motherfuc*in’ love!”

In my opinion, Tech N9ne is one of the more underrated rappers of today. It’s sad that people would rather settle for their cookie-cutter rap than come out to one of Tech’s shows. They’re off the chain. But with that said, Tech and I share a certain appreciation for the younger generation of fans moving in with the ones who’ve been with him since day 1.

A Tech N9ne show is unlike any other live performance you’ll attend in your life. The high level of energy is enough to cause a sensory overload and only lets up when Tech wants to talk with the fans. Honestly, I’ve never seen so much love for an artist than at Tech N9ne’s shows.

Bits and pieces of songs were merged with others for a non-stop feel, while they took time to play the full length with others. After sitting down with Tech for a pre-show interview, I understand why he picks the songs he does for his setlists. He loves to engage with the fans and he wants the fans always singing along and moving. If he were to play unreleased material, no one would know it and the energy would drop.

Starting the show with a home run is no surprise. “E.B.A.H.” is relatively new, but the explosion of cheers solidified that he wasn’t going unheard. Trading places with Krizz Kaliko brought back memories of last year, also adding a cool dynamic to the show. Tech and Krizz bounce off each other and are on a whole ‘nother level when it comes to performing.

It wouldn’t have been a Strange Music Independent Powerhouse tour without a few more of Tech’s artists on the bill. Brotha Lynch Hung, Kutt Calhoun, Rittz, and Ces Cru all joined Tech and did a fantastic job of opening the show and all have bright futures. See the interview for why Tech picks who he picks to sign to Strange Music.

With a new album dropping in June, it’s clear that Tech N9ne is as ambitious as ever and with the rate he goes out on tour I’m sure we’ll be seeing him back very shortly.



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