The Devil Wears Prada Destroys The Rave

Fresh out of the studio, The Devil Wears Prada kicked off their 2011 North American tour in Milwaukee, WI. Promoting their recent release, “Death Throne”, The Devil Wears Prada brought their exuberant energy back to Milwaukee, a city they seem to really enjoy. The 37-date tour will span the United States and Canada and feature new songs from what UK’s Metal Hammer deemed their “most ferocious release to date”.

Compared to previous years The Devil Wears Prada had an awesome stage setup showing that they’re growing as a band. Stacking platform upon platform, there was an abundance of places vocalist Mike Hranica could run around and throw down to some of TDWP’s sickest hits. Commenting on how happy TDWP was to be back in Milwaukee to kick off their tour, Hranica got the crowd going and showed he was genuinely excited to be back.

November 3rd’s visit was no exception to TDWP’s good relationship with Milwaukee. This show was intense. The entire band’s immense amount of energy turned The Rave into a whirlwind of screaming, jumping, and crowdsurfing. Double kicks, china, awesome bass drops, and chunky breakdowns put the show near the top of my favorites list. TDWP played an array of songs from various albums including “Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over”, “Dez Moines”, “Assistant To The Regional Manager”, and “Dead Throne”. Personally I would’ve liked to hear more material from their new release, “Dead Throne”, but the show was equally as good with a nice mix from their expanding arsenal of awesomeness.

Setlist (
Dead Throne – Untidalea – Escape – Sassafras – Born To Lose – Mammoth – Kansas – Hey John, What’s Your Name Again? – HTML Rulez D00d – Outnumbered – Assistant to the Regional Manager – Dez Moines –¬†Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over – Chicago – Constance – Danger: Wildman

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