Toby Keith toasts to a sold out Country Thunder

Country Thunder has been a huge success this year to say the least. Amazing attendance, and a sold-out Sunday night crowd excited to see a superstar of country music, Toby Keith, topped off the four day country music festival in Twin Lakes, Wisc.

It seems as though the last days of festivals tend to be the best. The best music, the best attendance, and the best weather. The final day of Country Thunder was no different as it played host to headliner Toby Keith and a sold out crowd of over 35,000 crazy country fans in the blistering heat of southern Wisconsin.

Judging by the artwork and the pre show video, Toby Keith is sponsored by Ford for his current tour. The opening video featured Toby driving a new Ford F150 trying to find “Clancy’s” a roadhouse that, at the end of the video, turns out to be the stage after the massive white sheet drops from in front of the stage. Sparks flying and flames reaching into the air, Toby Keith appeared center stage singing “American Ride”.

Toby hid behind his bent and beat cowboy hat for the first few songs trying to avoid the blinding lights emitting from the soundboard, so fans didn’t see much of the top part of his face including his eyes.

After the first few songs Toby Keith made his way out on the extra long catwalk to sing a few hits, including his new single “I Like Girls That Drink Beer”, to be released in about a week. Out on the catwalk there was a lot more interaction with the crazier fans of the festival since it was right up by the general admission area. The front section was more relaxed since it was VIP and populated with a more tame crowd. But isn’t that how it always is? Many of the loudest and crazy fans end up in the rear section of the venue.

After his new song about beer, Toby Keith started into another song about beer. “Last time I was in Wisconsin was uhhh…1452 beers ago!” transitioning into his song “Beers Ago” making the crowd go wild.

A few more songs go by and Toby took a break and exclaimed “let’s take a drink break!” Of course every fan held up their red solo up and toasted with Toby Keith, many probably finishing their drink in the process.

Toby Keith’s fantastic performance topped off a great weekend filled with great music, great fans, and loads of beer. There was never a shortage of things going on at Country Thunder. Constant helicopter flyovers taking video of the festival made it hard to wind down and the deafening blast of the US Military shooting off a Howitzer based a couple hundred feet from the stage insured fans were on their feet  and partying the night away.

Make sure you check out Toby Keith next summer at Country USA in Oshkosh, WI! 

Setlist: American Ride – Made In America – Get Drunk And Be Somebody – God Love Her – I Like Girls That Drink Beer – Beers Ago – I Wanna Talk About Me – Whiskey Girl – Weed With Willie – Clancy’s Tavern – Who’s Your Daddy – Get Out Of My Car – Red Solo Cup – As Good As I Once Was – I Love This Bar – Should’ve Been A Cowboy – Beer For My Horses – HDYLMN – A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action – American Soldier – Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue (Angry American)


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