Twisted Sister & Anthrax bring classics to Rock USA

The heat continued into the second day of Rock USA last night in Oshkosh, WI. Rockers Queensryche, Anthrax and Twisted Sister marked the bill and gave fans a run for their money on one of the more thrilling nights this festival has seen.

Cooling down a bit from the previous day, hanging for all of the acts wasn’t as exhausting – especially waiting for an 11pm headliner. Water was ample, though it looked like fans stayed hydrated with beer more than anything.

Shortly after the sun dipped below the tree line Anthrax riffs could be heard – and felt – screaming through a stack of vintage JCM Marshall amps. Vocalist Joey Belladonna grabbed the bull by the horns jumping right into a slew of fast moving hits and a few covers including AC/DC’s “TNT”.

Belladonna and guitarist Scott Ian were a ball to watch, bouncing back and forth from each side of the stage screaming into the mic or wailing away at a guitar.

Early in the set Belladonna decided to borrow a festival video camera and put the crowd on the jumbotron. It was comical and nerve-racking at the same time – if you’ve seen what Marilyn Manson does to camera gear you know what I’m talking about.

Anthrax couldn’t have been better. The only complaint is Rock USA not letting them shred for longer. One hour is just too short with these energy ridden artists.

A steep hour and forty five passed before Twisted Sister were finally allowed to take the stage. Fans are starting to notice the lengthy set change overs even having me curious why they’re longer than the sets themselves. Read about Avenged Sevenfold’s hour long set here.

What kind of festival puts a headliner on for an hour after a nearly two hour set change over? Rumor was so the festival could sell more beer, but even top national festivals don’t play that game. Rock USA needs to change this or I can see fans being absent in coming years.

Twisted Sister even made a few derogatory comments about their time slot. “We feel fu*kin terrible!”

“We know its been a long day, you’re toasty, sunburned and tired, but this is Wisconsin and we’ve partied with you motherfu*kers before!”

Vocalist Dee Snider was simply wild and gave one of the better classic rock performances Rock USA has seen regardless of musical content. He got the fans interested and into the music better than many.

Thanking fans for sticking with them for thirty years, guitarist Jay Jay French praised Rock USA fans. Towards the second half of the set, Snider brought out an acoustic guitar, quickly smashing it and yelling “you can pry our electric guitars from our cold dead hands”. In this part of the country, that comment was met with high praise.

Twisted Sisters “I Wanna Rock” may have marked the end of the set, but they made sure to draw it out as long as possible bringing fans around for a few chorus encores.

Even though they were only permitted an hour to play, Twisted Sister snuck back out for an additional two-songs helping fans get over the poor time allotment put together by Rock USA.

And with it turning out like it is, fans will be livid if festival headliner Van Halen has the same 10-13 song setlist.

 Twisted Sister


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