Tyga sells out the Eagles Ballroom

Tyga took Milwaukee by surprise last night when he sold out the Eagles Ballroom. Originally being scheduled for The Rave, a smaller venue within the Eagles Club complex, Tyga eventually was moved into the much larger ballroom; and even after that, he still managed to sell out for a massive crowd.

Recently becoming extremely popular amongst many of the younger aged demographic with new releases like “Rack City” and “Make it Nasty”, Tyga’s presence on the music scene has really taken off. This not only expressed by his catchy new hits, but by the numerous venues he has been selling out on his current tour.

Taking the stage a casual 15 minutes passed his scheduled time, Tyga made his way out masked by a slew of blinding lights. When they all faded, there Tyga was; the crowd exploding in excitement. I’d have to say, earplugs were needed more for the crowd than the intense bass that comes along with Tyga’s music. This crowd was insane, jumping and dancing around, turning the ballroom into somewhat of a rainforest with all the built up humidity on the relatively warm March evening. And to antagonize them even further, Tyga’s show featured some of the heaviest bass I have experienced, probably bumping the entire surrounding neighborhood.

Though the entire crowd was beyond excited to see Tyga, I wasn’t too impressed with Tyga playing only fragments of songs. It seemed like, with the exception of a few, he would only play a verse or two of each song and then move into the next. Although not an issue with the energetic crowd who were having the time of their lives, it just seems like fans are getting ripped off when they can’t get more than 2 full songs out of the performer. Although Tyga has released some really popular and hard hitting songs, the idea of playing only parts of them at shows just puzzles me.

Even though I have a beef with performers who don’t play full songs, I still thought the show was okay, but could’ve been better. Seemed a bit more like a big party with most of the crowd being younger, but just as fun. Shows like this really seem to bring out a lot of younger people that you just don’t see at a lot of rock shows. Smaller venues like the Eagles Ballroom always have a good draw for hip-hop concerts and make it a night to remember.


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