Volcano Choir wrap tour at historic Turner Hall Ballroom

Wisconsin natives, the highly popular indie alternative Volcano Choir returned to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to wrap their tour in support of 2013’s sophomore release Repave.

Frontman Justin Vernon, known also from the Grammy Award winning Bon Iver, fronts the like-minded but refreshingly different Volcano Choir. Touting their two high quality and now well-seasoned releases, Volcano Choir performed most of their current material. Repave was heard in its entirety with a dash of their 2009 debut Unmap.

Two singles and rarities not found on either album, Valleyonaire and The Agreement, found their way into the performance – two that seem to have joined along for much of the tour.

For such a highly anticipated and very, very sold out Turner Hall Ballroom, the small setlist left a little to be desired – maybe a few more from their first album would’ve sealed the deal, especially for the final show of the tour in their home state. Regardless, Volcano Choir shows they share a killer chemistry and energy that’s exclusive to their group. Vernon’s various projects have similar DNA, but each successfully take on a life of their own.

Setlist: Tiderays – Island, IS – Comrade – Valleyonaire – Keel – Dancepack – The Agreement – Alaskans – Acetate – Bygone – Still – Almanac – Youlogy








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