Warped Tour returns with a powerhouse of artists

Is Warped Tour getting better? Or is it the same old plethora of bands that make up a half summer of non-stop relentless touring spanning cities across the United States, Canada, and now the United Kingdom? If you’ve been one to attend Warped Tour in years past it could have been something you’ve enjoyed or just downright hated.

With the exception of the first year I attended with bigger names such as The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, Attack! Attack!, and Asking Alexandria, I have been one who dreads attending the festival. Sweaty uncontrolled crowds made up of die hard fans willing to do anything to get just an inch closer to their beloved artists doesn’t end well for most.

As the summers progress and Warped Tour finds its way back to its favorite cities, the festival has grown less and less desirable, and not because of the bands. Stages thrown up in a few hours with lines of bands waiting to play leaves little for the eye to desire, even if they’ve got the best music on tour. Poorly managed and unprepared security seemingly forget how to handle crowd surfers as many come flying over the barrier into a wall of photographers. To be fair, some stages are better than others.

While years prior have had respectable lineups, Warped Tour brought in an eye-popping list of indie bands spanning alternative to experimental to metal-core for 2013. Bigger names and veterans of the tour include Bring Me The Horizon, August Burns Red, We Came As Romans, Memphis May Fire, 3OH!3, and Motion City Soundtrack to name a few.

If you felt like battling it out for the day, the best place to hang out is one of the KIA stages, conveniently placed side by side in the Marcus Amphitheater. Band after band followed each other within a few seconds of the latter wrapping up, keeping the pace at a steady cruise throughout the day.

Outside though a smaller crowd of fans scattered amongst the rest of the stages battled day-long drizzles – at times a steady downpour.

Among the more notable shows were August Burns Red – toting a new album – We Came As Romans, Bring Me The Horizon, Memphis May Fire, The Used, and Hawthorne Heights. But for the life of me I cannot understand why Memphis May Fire followed Bring Me The Horizon, the obvious but unofficial headliner of Warped. Unfortunately Memphis May Fire had to deal with exiting fans for most of their set, something that BMTH would’ve experienced to a lesser extent.

While there might be a little distaste from this tour, an impressive crowd filled the Marcus Amphitheater for the main stages. As tightly as fans were packed into the pit, they could’ve easily filled the amphitheater during a ticketed seat show rivaling other tours that’ve passed through Milwaukee this summer.

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