The Weeknd’s Starboy: Legend of the Fall Phase 2 lands in DC

Hot off the rails of the first phase of Starboy: Legend of the Fall, The Weeknd hit DC early on in phase two of the tour, marking a second visit in just a few months to the now Capital One arena.

As fans trickled in a slowly filled their seats, Nav opened the fourth night of the renewed Starboy tour. A little monotonous at times, Nav had the attention of a bit of the crowd at the start; that interest fading as he kept on with what seemed like one single twenty minute song.

Cue Gucci Mane taking the reins with a little more punch. With an arena on its feet tracking to the ebb and flow of Gucci Mane’s rumbling and rolling, you could tell it struck up a relationship with fans with ease. Gucci Mane’s set even ventured into covering part of a heavily played Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”.

Catching significant attention from the DC area, The Weeknd’s second visit in less than six months reeled an impressive crowd, the arena near capacity.

The Starboy tour boasts an elaborate setup, a flying starship of lights spanning above the crowd and jetway from the stage. And when the show kicked off, a triangle overhang dropped in over the crowd just above their heads. Taking off as fast as it descended, it rose up revealing The Weeknd rising from under the stage immersed within a halo cone of light.

Favoring the runway stage into the crowd, The Weeknd didn’t shy from fans just off the edges his stage. Tracks off the 2016 Starboy album brought a crowd to life and met The Weeknd with roaring cheers that echoed through the bowl arena.

Trekking the night with top 2016 hits off Starboy, The Weeknd progressed through “Starboy” and “Party Monster” amongst other hits that brought him to arena-sized shows like “Can’t Feel My Face”.

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