Wiz Khalifa smokes The Eagles Ballroom

Wiz Khalifa’s highly energetic 2050 tour rolled through Milwaukee over the Halloween weekend. As Milwaukee and surrounding cities spent their nights dressing up the gaudiest costumes imaginable and drinking until the wee hours of the morning, Wiz Khalifa dominated the historic Eagles Ballroom for a sold out show that made sure to rock the surrounding neighborhood.

The month of October has played host to some big acts and some growing acts on the rap/hip-hop scene. The arrival of Wiz Khalifa and his entourage was no exception to the bumpin’ month Milwaukee has had and the crowd was better than ever.

The five rappers that took the stage before Wiz did wonders to rile up the already temperamental crowd. A few people were a little unruly in the front, but for the most part fans stayed pretty well behaved.

Although the Eagles Ballroom show was overall pretty relaxed, that doesn’t make everyone forget 2011’s Summerfest when Wiz Khalifa dominated one of the nights with a crowd that stretched the width of the festival. It was a free for all and a huge nightmare for Milwaukee Police.

Seeing that the stage was dominated by a 10+ bong told you a little something about Wiz and his fans. For a lot of the show a constant plume of smoke poured out the top too. Weed themed songs occasionally dominate the theme of his raps and also the air supply of his envious crowd.

Wiz Khalifa’s show was exhilarating to say the least. His flows are smooth and can get punchy at times, showing off a nice fused style that’s his songs to the top of a few charts.

As he rapped on through the night, clothes started to come off exposing some pretty respectable tattoos. If one didn’t know better, they might think he’s a rock star. Then again, rappers these days are getting more into inking their whole bodies. Some of them with some very interesting work.

Wiz’s Milwaukee fans were in a world of bliss for the hour and a half show that kicked off the weekend. As he played through hits, the Milwaukee crowd grew louder and louder and sometimes even shifting the barrier toward the stage. The power of 6000+ people can be very scary at times…

Remember to check out Wiz Khalifa’s second studio album due out in early December.


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